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Concrete Foundation

San Antonio has expansive soils and unpredictable weather patterns, these combinations are conducive for foundation movement.  There are many indicators of foundation movement that are visible in foundation slabs, interior/exterior walls, ceilings, windows, or doors that don't close properly.

Even seeing these signs, don't assume right away that you are having foundation issues. A FOUNDATION ELEVATION SURVEY is needed to provide you with that data.

As part of our Code 2 and Code 3 packages, and as a stand alone service, we provide a foundation sketch and take interior measurements using a Zip Level Pro 2000 at critical points and intervals.  Having this data provides us with immediate information to identify critical foundation issues.

Utilizing high precision altimeter to provide the highest quality inspections


Code Blue's affordable option is provided within the packages and even as a stand alone service if you choose.  This service is utilized by home buyers, sellers, home builders, homeowners, investors and contractors.  Code Blue is not in the business of foundation repair.  We offer an unbiased opinion and the best value to our clients with industry leading technology that our clients can trust. 

Starting at $150.00* (Get better pricing with a package)

Complete Foundation Inspection

ZIP LEVEL Foundation Elevation Survey

Inspection Report with Foundation Elevation Plots

Grading and Drainage Inspection


*Prices are based on but not limited to square footage.

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